Friday, January 02, 2009

My wife and I were in Bloomington, IN so I could teach a class this

We went down a day early so we could stop at the Frazier Museum in
Louisville, KY and meet with Barrett Cooper, the head curator of
interpretations, and talk to him about the Bartitsu demo the Frazier
is putting on.

Cooper was very friendly and spent almost two hours chatting with us
about the Frazier, it's interpretations department and Bartitsu.

The Frazier Museum opened in 2004. It is a partner with the Royal
Armouries in Leeds, England and gets a lot of it's fighting demo's from
Leeds. The interpreters at the museum are also encouraged to do their
own research to develop their own interpretations, both fighting and

We watched the Bartitsu demo which is played as if Dr. Watson, played
by Cooper, was to host Barton-Wright for a demo of Bartitsu but since
BW is unable to make the demo Watson decides to continue the demo based
on his personal training at the Bartitsu Institute.

Watson is then interrupted by Sherlock Holmes, who believes Watson
isn't up on his form. The demo mostly involves use of Vigny's stick
techniques. I felt it gave a good representation of what we know about

After the demo I chatted with Cooper and was able to help him with the
footwork for septime envelope.

If anyone reading this is in the Louisville area I recommend a stop at
the Frazier. It is nice small museum with well put together exhibits.


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