Sunday, August 21, 2011

Trying Out New Workout Book

I bought a used copy of "Strength Training for Muscle Development: A Step by Step Guide" by Mark Hatfield last weekend.

I liked the looks of the book because the author starts by advocating not running out and buying a bunch of weight lifting equipment. Instead he shows how body weight exercises and the use of bottles with water in them can substitute for most of the gear you need to work through the exercises he shows you in the book. He then goes on to show both beginning and more advance exercises. Finally he gives you sets of exercises that can be done together to reach different goals in your weight training.

I have worked through some of the more advanced training he has in the book so far and find I like the simplicity of the exercises and how Hatfield sets them up.

I will make more comments as I do more of the work in the book.


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