Thursday, May 05, 2011

Trip to Bloody Lake

My wife and I took a day trip up to Black Hawk Memorial Park in Woodford, WI recently.

The park is the site of the Battle of the Pecatonica River during the Black Hawk War. The battle took place on on June 16, 1832 when Col. Dodge and a small group of militiamen tracked a war party of Kickapoo, who had killed a settler, to a bend in the river. A short hand to hand battle took place with the militiamen killing the Kickapoo. This was considered the first victory by the militia after the battle at Stillman's Run.

We day tripped up to the park by taking County Y, off of WI Rt 81 north of Monroe, WI, to Woodford. Be aware there are no signs for the park until you get to Woodford. Then follow County Y out of Woodford to the park.

We stayed at the park for several hours. Then it started to rain so we headed home. We did not get to the actual memorial of the battle but now that we know how easy it is to get to the site we'll go back again.