Saturday, June 12, 2010

Upcoming Classes at Gallowglass Academy

We have scheduled two classes in July 2010.

Saturday July 10, 1-5 PM, Women's Self Defense

Saturday July 31, 9 AM - 4 PM, Bowie Knife

See our website, for more details

Friday, June 11, 2010

Physical Culture at Gallowglass Manor 06/11/2010

Today I did my medicine ball exercise set.

With this set I do a series of seven exercises. I do ten reps of each exercise. Today I did seven sets of these exercises so I did a total of seventy reps of each exercise.

I started with Farmer Burns’ warm up set.

The exercises I did were

1 Bench press

2. Triple kicks

3. Overhead press

4. Bent over rows

5. Extended hip twist

6. Squats

7. Lunges

I ended with a set of cool down stretches and finished with cold water douse.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Physical Culture at Gallowlgass Manor June 7, 2010

Took a throwing knife and sledgehammer out to my throwing target on Monday.

I warmed up with Farmer Burn's warm up set.

Then did a sledgehammer set borrowed once again from Between
each part of the sledgehammer set I did five knife throws with both the right
and left hand.

Hammer Set

"Building the Fort"

1 Dig the Moat - Twenty shovel type moves over the right and left shoulder and
twenty to the front.

2. Pole Across the River - 10 moves on both right and left side as if poling a

3. Chop Down the Trees - Twenty angle one "cuts" on both the right and left

4. Load the Lumber - Twenty squats with shifts of the hammer to the side as if
putting lumber into the "boat."

5. Pole Back Across the River - Repeat #2

6. Drive the Poles - Twenty over the head "cuts" on both left and right sides.

7. Pack the Dirt - Use hammer as if pounding dirt down into the moat, twenty

8. Celebrate - Hold the hammer under the head and lift it over head ten times on
both the right and left side.

9. Salute the King - Hold the hammer about half way down the handle and do ten
curls with both arms.