Saturday, February 27, 2010

TAK Knives

This company makes plastic training knives. I recently bought their short Bowie knife trainer and their tomahawk trainer. So far I am more than satiisfied with them.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

A Report on the Tomahawk Class at ReenactorFest

Along with my co-instructor Mike Pennock I taught a class on the use of the tomahawk at ReenactorFest on February 6, 2010.

We had about a dozen participants and another six folks watching the class. We had forty-five minutes to work on some basic 'hawk techniques. First we discussed the history and background of the 'hawk. Then we moved on to carry modes for the 'hawk.

We had the students work on drawing the 'hawk from different positions and then did a simple cutting angle drill showing five basic cutting angles.

We then had the students pair up for two drills using the single 'hawk and one with the 'hawk and knife.

For our final drill Mike put on a fencing mask and with an eight foot pole acted the role of a soldier using a musket with a fixed bayonet. Each student then attacked on the "run" pushing the musket off line and striking Mike in the head as they went past him.

We finished up by taking questions and comments. All of the participants seemed to enjoy the class and we got compliments on the class both while it was going on and afterwards.

A number of folks talked about coming out for the tomahawk seminar in May at Gallowglass Academy.