Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Two Sets of Knife Fighting DVD’s

I picked up two sets of knife fighting DVD’s from Hock Hochheim’s Scientific Fighting Congress (SFC).

The first set is Hoch’s basic Knife/Counter Knife set including two DVD’s.

Journeyman Level One: Stress Combat Quick Draws and Solo Command and Mastery. Cost is $39.95 for a total of about 90 minutes playing time.

The Solo Command DVD includes Hoch’s solos drills including the use of the war post (pell) which Hoch emphasizes must be used by anyone who truly wants to master ths use of the knife. At the end of this DVD Hoch shows you how to make a war post with easily available materials.

The Quick Draw DVD emphasizes the use of the lock blade folder and how to get it out and into use for combat.

The second set is also a two DVD set with a total playing time of about 70 minutes for both discs. Again the set sells for $39.95.

The first DVD is Hoch’s drills for using the saber grip with the knife. In the second DVD Hoch shows drills for use when knife dueling. Though Hoch emphasizes that most knife fights are not about dueling but are close in fast and deadly.

I would recommend any or all of these DVD’s to anyone who is interested in working on knife on knife drills. As an instructor I found the drills ones I will include in my teaching. The student will find the drills a good way to work on their knife skills.

You can order these DVD’s from SFC online at or call 817-581-4021.